Welcome to Taiprora Digital Factory

Since 1993 we have been creating integrated systems for production, internal logistics and data management.

Taiprora was born from the desire to face complex challenges, involving people with the will and ambition to question themselves every day to discover new frontiers and face new adventures.

We have always brought innovation to the companies that choose us.
Today we focus on digitization and interconnection to implement production and management systems typical of the Digital Factory.


Sector of operation


Many big players confirm their faith in us, choosing us for their most innovative challenges. Among these (in alphabetical order):

Some of our success stories


Technology Partners

Kollmorgen Siemens Rockwell Automation Sick Omron Hik Robot

Associations and Institutions

Capitank Unione Industriali CDO - Compagnia delle Opere (Associato) AIRO - Associazione Italiana Ricerca Operativa


The Group

The desire to provide a global response to the needs of our clients has led us to become part of the A.Celli group, a Tuscan group specialized in the automation of large systems with offices in Europe, Asia and America.
The aim was to create a global network able to provide rapid, effective answers.


Our locations: Taiprora Italy

Life 5.0 ®

We want to involve the competences and systems typical of Industry 4.0 and the infinite possibilities offered by the Internet of Things (IoT) to create the possible conditions for a daily life supported by highly automated systems and structures, permitting a smart and better life.
We call this stage “Life 5.0”.

Francesco Alfieri

CEO Taiprora